Scissorlift TLE

The hydraulic driven rigid lance machine is capable of operating 3 or 5 lances. Built on a double scissorlift platform, the machine is capable of cleaning exchanger tubes in place up to 6 meters (20 feet) high. This eliminates the need to build scaffolding and saves time.

The machine is easily transported on a trailer and comes complete with it’s own diesel driven engine. A powerful drive mechanism at the front pulls lances into the exchanger to avoid damage to the lances. The machine is equipped with a 50 foot (15,24 m.) wired remote and a wireless remote controller is optional. The average cleaning speed is 300 - 500 tubes per hour. High pressure water connections are M36x2, or Medium Pressure Autocalve 1” up to 1.500 bar. The system is driven by a Hatz diesel engine type 1D81C/8,6 Kw pump Sauer 11CC.

Technical Specifications

Min. working height 0,70 m / 27.58 inch
Max. working height 6,00 m / 19.7 ft
Working length standard 6,1m/ 20 ft
8,1 m / 26.8 ft
Bundle Ø max. 1,60 m / 63.04 inch
Lance speed 00 - 0,5 m/sec / 00 - 19.7 inch/sec
Number of Lances 3 or 5 pieces
Engine Silent pack HATZ diesel Mod. ID18C
Horse power 11 hp at 2.400 Rpm
Cooling system Air
Hydraulic system Hydraulic pump 11 cc
Weight ± 2.400 kg / 5,291 lbs
Length standard 8.177 mm * / 26.85 ft
10.177 mm / 42.46 inch
Width 2.192 mm / 86.36 inch
* The machine comes equipped with one extension,
2 meters long, so you can use 10 meter lances.
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