Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3TLE – Special)

State of the art 3 lance flexlance machine with special features to remove extremely difficult contamination. Automatic cleaning system placing the operator out of reach of high pressure water means maximum safety. Excellent cleaning results due to consistent speed and 2 way cleaning. Average cleaning speed 250-300 tubes per hour. Light weight pneumatic remote control for easy operation. Designed for horizontal and vertical heat exchangers with most types of contamination.

Peinemann introduces the new way of cleaning bundles with flex-lances, with the capacity of a rigid lancing machine. The 3 TLE Special was developed to clean all kinds of heat exchangers, which need to be cleaned insitu. The machine operates by means of friction blocks, which push the flex lances into the tubes. As the drive system is very close to the tube sheet, the flex lances cannot bend and therefore, all the water pressure can be used for cleaning the exchangers.

The 3 TLE special is suitable for insitu bundles, air fin coolers, condensers, furnaces and normal heat exchangers. Operation is done by remote control and the flex-lances can be moved in the tubes with an oscillating movement for the removal of extremely hard products. Excellent cleaning results by means of front and back cleaning with a consistent speed and a max of 3 flex lances at the same time.  The machine can also be used in a vertical position and can be used as a stand alone system with guide hoses for example to enter a bundle through a manhole.

In case a tube is plugged, the machine will continue with the other 2 flex lances and the friction blocks will slip over the flex lances which doesn’t move.

Technical Specifications

Height 2,2 m (86")
Width 2,5 m (98")
Length 1 m (39")
Maximum capacity 2 air motors of 0,82 HP each = 1,64 HP at 380 RPM
Minimum air pressure 4,0 bar (60 psi)
Maximum air pressure 6,3 bar (95 psi)
Air consumption 30 - 40 L/S (with standard air motors) (63 - 85 cfm)
Cleaning speed 10 cm/sec - up to 50 cm/sec (4" up to 19,5" per second)
Min - max flex lance size 8 - 20 mm outside diameter (,314 - ,787")
Max. pull/push strength approx. 1.000 N (737 foot pounds)
Water pressure reccom. 1.000 bar (higher pressure possible) (14.500 psi)
Water flow reccom. 120 LPM (higher flow possible) (31,7 GPM)
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