Additional Pipe Cleaning Feature

From the pioneers in safe high pressure cleaning tools comes the XXLTC conversion kit to convert the 2XLTC into the XXLTC.


As with most cleaning equipment from Peinemann the 2XLTC can easily be converted for additional tasks. The 2XLTC is a multifunctional tool that can easily be converted to allow for a single large hose for pipe cleaning applications.

Automated cleaning of pipes 

As with most cleaning tools from Peinemann Equipment the XXLTC can easily be converted for use at a multitude of other cleaning applications. The XXLTC is designed for pipe cleaning applications and is suitable for feeding a single large hose with the following dimensions: 3/8” & 3/4” (DN10 - DN20).

The dual motor set up will give it enough force (185 kg - 400 lbs) to be used for the larger pipe cleaning jobs. Added advantage is the simple option to change the XXLTC into a dual flex lance machine (2XLTC) for tube cleaning applications and therefore making it a very versatile and safe tool for any cleaning contractor.

XXLTC pipe cleaning tool mounts directly onto the flange.

  • Light weight (22kg - 48 lbs.)
  • Easy to set up
  • Safe operation via remote control
  • Converts easily to a 2XLTC
  • Proven quality

Technical Specifications

Hose Size (OD) 18 mm - 35 mm (3/8” and 3/4”)
Maximum OD hose coupling 55 mm (2,17”)
Maximum capacity 1,3 KW (1,74 PK)
Minimum air pressure 3,0 Bar (45 Psi)
Maximum air pressure 6,3 Bar (95 Psi)
Air consumption 360 l/m - 6 l/s at max RPM (33 CFM)
Recommended flow 120 ltr (30 gallon) - 240 ltr (60 gallon) per min.
Recommended pressure 1000-1400 Bar (15,000 - 20,000 Psi)
Maximum pressure Suitable to work with pressures up to 2800 Bar (40,611 Psi)
Feed rate (unloaded) 10 - 20 cm per second (4” - 8” per second)
Max. pull/push strength max 180 kg (400 Lbs)
Weight drive unit only 22 kg (48 Lbs)
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