53T Combi Lifter & Bundle Extractor 45T

The Peinemann Equipment Combi Lifter is the latest development that will considerably improve efficiency and safety while lifting and pulling bundles. The Combi Lifter has the added advantage that it can both be used as an integral part of the Aerial Bundle Extractor (Main Lifting Frame) as well as a separate Bundle Lifter when disconnected from the Aerial Bundle Extractor.

After pulling out a Heat Exchanger, the combi lifter can be put on the ground and the lifter can easily remove the Heat Exchanger without disconnecting the crane. The bundle can be easily lowered onto a trailer for transport to the cleaning area. The Combi Lifter is a new versatile bundle lifter that is self supportive due to the use of an air cooled engine. The engine drives the hydraulic pump and is equipped with a spark arrestor. All hydraulic functions are remote controlled for increased safety for the operator. The bundle lifter can be adjusted to the diameter of the bundle by means of 2 sets of hydraulic cylinders fitted with holding valves.


The operator cannot get his hands between the slings and the bundle. The operator does not need to climb on the trailer to handle the slings. The Combi Lifter is operated by remote control which keeps the operator away from danger and dirt.

Well designed

The Combi Lifter is compact, low in transport height and it has a good reach inside the superstructure. As the Combi Lifter holds several baffle plates on the bundle, damage to the tubes or tie rods is down to a minimum.


Versatile due to being able to use the lifter as an integral part, lifting frame, of the bundle extractor as well being used as a separate bundle lifter. You can adjust existing bundle extractors to suit the Combi Lifter (please note that it only suits certain models).


The Combi Lifter is easy to position above bundles and to lock and unlock from the bundle extractor. The lifter takes away the hassle and dangers when working with slings. The Combi Lifter can be operated by just a single operator in comparison to two operators when using the traditional slings.

Technical Specifications

Approx Height in transport conditions 3300 mm (10.83 ft)
Approx Transport Width 2600 mm (8.53 ft)
Length 8000 - 9000 (26.25 - 29.63 ft)
Max Bundle Diameter 2000 mm (6.56 ft)
Max bundle Weight 45000 kg (99,208 lbs)
Approx weight of the 45T combi lifter incl. extractor 13000 - 13500 kg (28,660 - 29,762 lbs)
Approx weight of the Bundle Extractor excl lifting frame 7000 - 7500 kg (15,432 - 16,534 lbs)
Approx weight of the Bundle Lifter seperate 6000 kg (13,227 lbs)
Approx height in operational position 3690 mm (12.11 ft)
Width of Extractor 1400 mm (4.59 ft)
Length of Extractor 9000 / 10000 mm* (29.53 / 32.81 ft)
Max Bundle Length 8000 / 9000 mm* (26.25 / 29.53 ft)
Max force applied with the winch 50000 kg (110,231 lbs)
Pull speed of the winch 2600 mm per min (8.53 ft per min)
Engines Silent Pack HATZ diesel Mod. 2L41Ckg
Number of cylinders 2
Cubic Capacity 1716 CC
RPM 3000 RPM
Horse Power 33 HP
Cooling system Air
Wireless Combi Remote
Seperate Cable Remote Controls for both units
*) using two (2) extension pieces of 1000 mm (39.37") each
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