Working safely in industrial maintenance

New, the Peinemann Equipment Compactcrane, Pick & Carry. You can save a lot of time and reduce the risk of accidents or damage by using the Peinemann Equipment Compactcrane. This little powerhouse is built specifically for use in environments with hazardous substances.

Are you working daily in an environment with explosive substances where you need to lift heavy loads? Operating the Compactcrane allows users to save much time and it reduces the risks of accidents or damage. This compact heavy weight was especially designed for operations in environments with dangerous substances.

ATEX-Compliant Design

The Compactcrane was designed for operations in areas exposed to explosion hazards. Equipped with a lithium battery pack, the crane operates for more than one day without the need of a recharge. This Compactcrane can swivel 2 x 15 degrees for accurate positioning and it comes with a pick & carry function.

Remote control with display

Operators can easily control the various compact crane functions with the supplied wireless remote control unit (also ATEX compliant). The display on the remote control provides you with all of the necessary information.

Technical Specifications

Crane’s lifting torque 5 tons/metre
Turret range 2 x 15 degrees
Max. height Approx. 9m
Max. reach Approx. 5.7m
Max. lifting capacity Approx. 3.000 kg
Machine weight Approx. 2.800 kg
Width 100 cm
Height 180 cm
Length 240 cm
Hydraulic pump
Pump type Piston pump
Operating pressure 250 bar
Hydraulics valves 5-way electro-hydraulic
Capacity Approx. 14 kWh
Charging 16A / 230V
Battery type Lithium
Remote Control
Type Wireless
Brand/type Hetronic Nova xl, all functions fully proportional, ATEX design
Control System
PLC IFM Mobile controler
Communication CAN-bus
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Drive system
Drive motor Hydraulic/planetary reduction
Tracks Rubber tracks stain- less-steel track rollers
Tensioning system Grease tensioner
Telescopic part 4x hydraulically ex- tensions, fixed hook
Zone ATEX – 3G IIB T3 (zone 2)
Safety features PLC-controlled load torque safety
Storage space Equipped with two lockable storage compartments